laura jacobs Laura Jacobs has been writing about dance since 1984. She is currently the dance critic for The New Criterion.

Here is her article "The Balanchine Tapestries" from the Summer 2008 edition of Ballet Review.

"Dogma & Diaghilev" appeared in the May 2010 issue of The New Criterion

Additional articles in The New Criterion and City Journal inlcude "Dancing the Body Electric" Winter 2011; "The birds: Odile & Odette at NYCB" April 2011; "The Nutcracker": A New Awakening" March 2011; "Blossom time at ABT" October, 2009; "Brute Blood: Tudor at ABT" February, 2009; "Prodigal Son" January, 2009; "Ratmanksy" September, 2008; "Wall of Thorns"November, 2007; "The Haunting" April, 2007; "Just the way he was" September, 2007; and, "Cold Pastoral" October, 2006.